In addition to the Main Hall, the building contains a Meeting Room, two Store Rooms and a Kitchen.

The Main Hall is 9.0m wide and 19.3m in length and is adaptable for a variety of uses and the kitchen has a good range of equipment.

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Hiring the Hall
The Hall is available for hire for community use by both regular clubs and private use.

Both the Main Hall and the Meeting Room can be hired by the hour with reduced rates for community hirers. The Meeting Room is available free of charge to accredited community groups for meetings etc. where entry is free of charge.

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Main Hall - £8 per hour
Meeting Room - £5 per hour
Whole Hall - £12 per hour
Use of Kitchen - £6 flat charge
Function - £80 (includes kitchen)
Hire Rates
Non Resident/Commercial
Main Hall - £12 per hour
Meeting Room - £8 per hour
Whole Hall - £18 per hour
Use of Kitchen - £6 flat charge
Function - £120 (includes kitchen)
Resident rates apply to organisations (e.g. Clubs & Societies) and to individuals that are resident within Invermoriston and Glenmoriston, unless the Hall is to be used for commercial purposes (e.g. a sale for profit). This lower rate would still apply where a charge is made for fundraising purposes e.g. a Club holding a sale or function to raise funds.
The Meeting Room is free for Resident Groups where the Group is constituted, with membership open to all and attendance on the occasion of hire without charge. e.g. Club AGM or Committee meeting. Church services are also free. Where a Club or Society arranges, for example a talk, where there is an entry charge then hourly hire rates apply.
Non Resident/Commercial rates apply to all other Hirers and to residents who use the Hall for a profit based function, e.g. a sale of items by an individual for profit.
Function hire allows for an 8 hour hire and includes use of the Main Hall, Meeting Room and Kitchen plus use of glasses, crockery, kitchen facilities and bar. Access for more than 8 hours for setting up etc. without additional charge is subject to availability and at the Booking Secretary’s discretion. The Function rate may be higher than the equivalent hourly rate and is intended to reflect the increased wear and tear and cleaning after this kind of usage.
Commercial Block Bookings is a base rate for an extended booking for a number of days use for a sale or similar including light kitchen use. The actual charge will be determined by the Booking Secretary taking into account the kind of use and length of booking.
The charge for Use of Kitchen applies where the kitchen will be used for food preparation or where a bar is provided that uses glasses and/or crockery. “Occasional” kitchen use, e.g. making tea, is allowed to all hourly hirers.
The Hall Management Committee may agree alternative rates to those above or waive hire charges for a specific use at its discretion.
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